" I want to thank you and all your staff for the wonderful show last night, I was thrilled and many who were there also were, you are incredible professionals and thought of every detail with love and care, and I just have to thank you so much for this incredible show. All models are absolutely gorgeous with stunning performances, i LOVE them all, thank you. And now I just saw Ferosh Magazine and need to tell you that I am still with my legs trembling by DIVINE work you guys have done. This is my first time in Ferosh and hope it's the beginning of an eternal partnership, this was undoubtedly my best experience in SL, (I'm still in a state of grace) thank you with all my heart, for your care, dedication and commitment. The perfect word that defines you guys is SUBLIME!" -- Ferosh FFW // Winter'16
June Monteiro
JUMO // CEO & Owner
"I would like to say that I'm happy and very satisfied with the photos [in the Winter'16 Designer Issue],  and all the beautiful work done with my jewelry for Ferosh . The whole edition is just flawless!!  I could not be more proud and thankful !! You are the best!!"
Ava Kungler
Web Designer
I would like to thank the whole team Ferosh for giving me this great opportunity. This was my first fashion show, which I participated as a fashion designer, and I have been designing since the beginning of 2011. I am very happy and I am delighted to have great friends here Second Life, which from day one have trusted me. Absinthe is one of my beloved models, one of my muses, who after her retirement as a model marched down the runway with my designs. I will never forget!  I have only good words to describe how I really feel, thanks to each of you for making my dreams come true.
John Gandy Von Dash
Zafair // Owner & CEO
Incredibly grateful to the Ferosh: A Visual Art & Fashion Experience team for a fantastic fashion weekend! I went in with much apprehension as a new designer for Bakaboo as I felt I wasn't ready, but I'm so glad that I did. The team had been incredibly accessible, patient, understanding, helpful, fabulous and professional on the highest level. I mainly went in for the thrill, experience and exposure, and it went beyond my expectations when I witnessed the great responses, the huge exposure brought by the event, and having my clothes worn by amazing and talented Ferosh models walking on the fantastic runway (RL designers should take some notes)...one item off my bucket list checked!
I sincerely thank everyone who supported my designs, your support is really encouraging and very much valued and appreciated for someone like me who is still very new and unsure of my designs and mainly take this as a hobby and as a little dream...thank you!!! Once again a huge thank you to the fabulous Ferosh team.
Ocean Blackthorne
Bakaboo // Owner & CEO