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Also known as [ F F I ]

Ferosh Fashion Institute is an educational program which focuses on providing high quality courses to individuals interested in various forms of modeling in the Second Life® fashion industry. Our goal is to offer a student-centered curriculum, where students supplement required core courses with opportunities for varied learning tracks designed to meet their personal goals. Being able to offer this twist on traditional model and fashion education is important to us at Ferosh. This is because we believe that every model has their niche; some may come to life on the pages of a magazine or look gook, others may light up the runway, and others enjoy the experiences both of these bring. It is our goal to help each student at Ferosh Fashion Institute identify that niche and develop the skills needed to meet and exceed their professional goals, taking them to the top of the industry.

. . . a b o u t   c o u r s e    c u r r i c u l u m 

The learning curriculum at Ferosh has been developed and created by supermodels and models who are currently working in the SL fashion industry in a variety of capacities. Every member of our curriculum development team has been involved in various aspects of modeling and fashion, and they have contributed their knowledge and experiences to help design what we believe to be one of the most comprehensive and exciting fashion education programs on the grid. In addition, several real life teachers are on our staff and bring the knowledge of effective teaching methods and the learning process which adds to the excellence we at Ferosh Fashion Institute feel we are able to deliver to our students. Many excellent modeling academies gridwide offer similar courses and content, and similarities in those basic courses in posing, runway, and styling can be found in our course offerings, too. We have also sought to extend what we offer to include a little something extra, for an expanded learning journey.

As we grow, we expect our course selections to grow right along with us, and we plan to continue to expand our course offerings. Some of our courses are full month courses with 3 to 4 sessions, and others are mini-courses that may meet only twice.  The learning program at Ferosh Fashion Institute is based upon a collegiate learning model, in which students must earn a certain number of course credits in order to graduate. Each course will be designated as being worth a certain number of credits. 

. . . c o u r s e    c u r r i c u l u m  s p e c i f i c s

The following is a sampling of the courses we are planning to offer:

An Overview of Second Life® Modeling and the Fashion Industry  |  Body Sculpture  |  Anatomy of Fashion  |  Poseology  |  Basic and Advanced Runway Skills  |  Creating and Networking Your Personal Brand  |  Navigating the Fashion Industry  |  Competition Modeling  |  Photography  |  Advanced Styling  |  Study of Style Genres  |  Mastering Windlight  |  Show Production  |  Excellence in Print Modeling  |  Cross-Gender Styling and Modeling

We do require all students to take a certain number of prerequisite courses in order to ensure they have the proper basic foundation necessary for advanced learning in specialty areas. All students will be required to complete the overview course first, followed by courses in styling and basic posing and runway mechanics. An introductory course plan will be provided to all students upon their admission into the program.

Because of the depth of the content offered throughout our program, we expect the average length of time for students with full enrollment to be approximately six months. We feel that this will benefit prospective students who are interested in the learning process and hope to develop themselves, their skills, and their brand for maximum success in the industry.

At this time, unless otherwise specified, course are to be delivered in English. However, the medium in which course content will be presented is contingent upon instructor preference.  Some instructors may deliver content in an all-voice format and others may use text teaching. Please be aware that one or the other is not guaranteed by every instructor.  In voice-only courses, students are only required to be able to hear voice and will not be required to speak. If you have special needs requiring a specific format or a language need outside of English, please contact the Education Director.

New course additions will be announced on social media and on the Ferosh website, so stay tuned to these places for future information.

. . .  f a c u l t y 

We are fortunate to have what we believe to be one of the most talented faculty groups in the industry. Each of our instructors are highly credentialed and current, working models who display stellar skills and have proven themselves to be experts in the subjects they will be presenting to our students. Our faculty members are not limited to models, however. Other experts will be assisting as faculty members, as well, presenting on additional industry-relevant subjects, such as blogging, print production, and specialty photography topics.

It is our goal to deliver the best learning experience to the students who trust us to teach them. Because of this, each of our instructors have been hand-selected because of the excellence they exude in their area of specialty.

. . . m e n t o r s h i p  p r o g r a m

Many of us at Ferosh remember our early mentors as having been integral and highly influential on our learning and industry successes. These relationships remain very special to us.  We believe that learning with the advice, assistance, and support of our more-experienced peers is so valuable that we could not exclude it as a part of our students' journey here.

Each of our students will be matched with a Ferosh Fashion Institute Mentor. Like our instructors, our mentors have been chosen based upon their credentials and the level of excellence they display in their field. They are all currently active models and industry specialists, renowned for their high level of professionalism, the superb quality of their work, and their desire to help support aspiring models who are learning to perfect their craft.

Mentors will assist with guiding students throughout the program, and the ways in which they can help are not limited and are based upon what they feel their mentee needs as well as the level of help the mentee desires. Mentors will also be consulted by instructors and FFI Management to determine student readiness to take part in special projects or to apply for graduation.

We are proud and fortunate to have the following individuals as mentors within Ferosh Fashion Institute:

★ Carley Benazzi
★ Imani Enzo
★ Ivyani Szondi
★ Linda Reddevil
★ Miele Tarantul
★ Tadeu Gartner
★ Taylor Wassep
★ Tracei Moore
★ Wicca Merlin
★ Xandrah Sciavo
★ Sungyoung Jang

. . . e x t r a c u r r i c u l a r s

In addition to the unique course selections available at Ferosh Fashion Institute, students will also be able to benefit from the following extracurricular activities:

◊ Personal Style and Shape Consultations
◊ Special Projects
◊ Opportunities for Real Show and Print Experiences
◊ Mock Castings
◊ Interviews
◊ Field Trips
◊ Special Panel Discussions
◊ Bonus Workshops

As extracurricular activities, these will not be credit-earning opportunities, but we think they will be a lot of fun, allow mingling and networking between peers, instructors, and mentors, and will help students continue to learn and practice a variety of industry-related skills.

. . . f e e d b a c k

Feedback is an important component of what we provide at Ferosh Fashion Institute. Even those of us who have been working for many years have areas in which we can improve, and we welcome feedback because it only helps us strive to be better at what we do!

All of our instructors and mentors are skilled at delivering helpful feedback in tactful ways that will help our students to perform at their maximum potential. Our goals are not to criticize; rather, we aim to support our students and provide guidance as they learn and grow. We ask everyone to keep this in mind and to realize that being open to receiving honest feedback will be an essential component of every student's learning experience.

. . . g r a d u a t i n g    f r o m   F F I

There are three steps necessary for a student to complete the program.

➀ The student must earn a predetermined number of credits. Outside of mandatory courses, the remainder of these credits can be earned any way the student chooses. Credit requirements will be discussed with each student at their pre-enrollment interview conducted by the Education Director.

➁ Instructors and the student's mentor must agree that the student has met course expectations and learning objectives making them a good candidate for graduation. This means that if a student is still struggling or shows a great need for improvement in a particular area, they may be asked to retake a course (at no cost) or to participate in a special activity to determine level of readiness.

➂ The student must pass a final exam which will contain content from the courses in which they were enrolled. The exam is the final step in the graduation process. If a student cannot pass the exam, additional help will be provided to ensure they master any skill deficits so that they can obtain a successful score upon retaking it.

Graduation certificates will denote each student's proficiency areas determined by the courses successfully completed.

. . . c o s t s

At this time, full program enrollment will be provided for a cost of L$20,000. This includes unlimited access to as many courses as a student wishes to take prior to their graduation, the mentorship fee, and the activity fee.  The tuition cost cannot be negotiated down, even if a student does not wish to have a mentor or to participate in extracurricular activities.

There are also limited opportunities for students to take course on a fee-per-course basis. These fees vary depending upon the course the student wishes to take. Students who select this option will be admitted as "guest" and will not be able to participate in the mentorship program or other activities. This option is only available with the approval of the Education Director and Ferosh Management Team.

◤  A p p l i c a t i o n  &   E n r o l l m e n t   ◥

Enrollment is currently open. First Class starts February 5th, 2017. Please keep an eye on this page as well as our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FeroshSL) for updates on open enrollment. You can also fill out our application form, and we will contact you once our enrollment season starts.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the FFI Directors, Taylor Wassep & Sungyoung Jang (JangSungyoung), by notecard.

Offlines will not be responded to because they are routinely capped and lost very easily.

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