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W H O   W E   A R E 

Ferosh | A Visual Art & Fashion Experience, is a digital publication that explores real life fashion trends through the medium of Second Life (c). We are a collaborative group of some of the best stylists, models, photographers, designers, artists and bloggers that are passionate about both photography and fashion. Ferosh is designed to inspire and challenge your imagination. Here is where art meets fashion, priding ourselves on our uniqueness, the individuality of each of our artists, and on our ability to dream.

Ferosh was founded January 1st, 2014 by a core group of creative spirits. After a year worth of dreaming, we started to birth our big idea. We all have been working quietly and enthusiastically for this moment! In our eyes, everyone is Ferosh. So, come join us!

W H A T  W E  D O

We are a bi-annual (two times a year) publication that will review fashion trends for each subsequent season: Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter. Our mission is to become a comprehensive style guide for residents of Second Life (c) in regard to real life fashion. We hope to impact fashion for a wide variety of residents by exhibiting fashion of all genres and styles. In addition, we would like to showcase some of the best artistic view points and creative photographic images.

Ferosh | A Visual Art & Fashion Experience is not a modeling agency. Though being a model is a rewarding and important credential for the Second Life (c) fashion industry, Ferosh aims to maintain a collaborative group of talented artists and stylists who are interested in achieving our mission.

G E T  I N V O L V E D

If you are interested in working with Ferosh as a stylist and a photographer, model, or as apart of our management team, please stay tuned to our News & Updates blog for further information. We love new talent! We're a group about the talent -- not the titles and tags. Please join our in-world Fashion |Marketing group for updates on fashion, designers, events, and casting opportunities.

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We are so humbled and honored to have an excellent team of stylists and photographers who work with us. Thank you for your efforts, your creativity, and your wonderful, enthusiastic personalities. Without you, Ferosh would not have come to fruition.


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Ferosh // COO & Editor at Large
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Ferosh // Ferosh Fashion Institute Director
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Wicca Merlin

Ferosh // Marketing Executive & Model Manager
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