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Ferosh Spring 2016 Casting Results


Ferosh is pleased to announce the results of our Spring 2016 casting. We were so excited to have a plethora of models cast for the opportunity to join our Ferosh | Models and Ferosh | Supermodels group. Ferosh models are the absolute best  in Second Life. Our models are unique, experienced and skilled in styling, runway, and editorial art. In addition, they are humble, hard working, down to earth, and loyal to Ferosh and our ethos. We pride ourselves on our exclusivity, and strict protocol selection that ensures our modeling groups remain the upper echelon of the Second Life fashion community.

Ferosh Management would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Models and Supermodels!  We are pleased with all changes and improvements to our modeling groups. Ferosh is secure that we now have the most updated, distinguished, and best styled modeling groups. We look forward to growing with our new members as we continue to create beautiful, unique, creative projects.


New Ferosh Models:


Angie Verrazzano
Catinka Anatine
Cubito Smit
Maxtor Frisk
Nicki Fray
Silly Avro
Tanya Green


New Ferosh SuperModels:


Kylie Olsonne
Sienna Bellios

We sincerely appreciate all the Second Life residents who participated in our casting. This year’s Spring 2016 casting group was very impressive, which in turn, made it difficult to select our modeling groups. We understand that rejection or a lack of promotion to SuperModel may be difficult. Please understand that we value you as a model and that there will be more opportunities to join Ferosh in the future as we are continuously growing. It is our biggest hope that we will maintain a positive relationship and hopefully all of you who did not succeed with us this year will come back in the future!